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TheArbitrage has been operating since 2018, offering every user different arbitrage services and more into the cryptocurrency markets.
None. TheArbitrage is a semi-automated platform and more or less self-explanatory which makes it possible for beginners and even veterans to be able to use it with simplicity.
In the simple arbitrage the monthly return varies from 15-20%, however there is a few components which indicate such as market volatility, arbitrage possibilities, account activity, compounding rate, manual rate, ranking etc.
Due to TheArbitrage not applying inactivity fees, maintenance fees etc.., this is the only commission that TheArbitrage retain from the users. Profits are invested directly into further development of the platform, enabling us to ensure ongoing improvement.
No. TheArbitrage respects and protects your privacy. All of your data is held securely by us and will not be published or disclosed to third parties.
Except the account holder, noone else can see how many Bitcoins you have in your account or how much you have earned or withdrawn to date.
The participation in one of our PRO Services is divided in three groups. Depending on the PRO Service you want to join you will be in touch with one of our representatives to get assisted with every information for each one of the three services. Due to the PRO Services being a bit complex and having a lot of content, we found it reasonable to get assisted by one of our representatives.
Yes we do. TheArbitrage makes it possible for every user to create its own referral program. For more details contact our support team by creating a support ticket to get more information on the program you want to use.
Each individual client can have only one private account, but we do allow additional corporate accounts. Please contact our support team for further information on opening an account for your business.


Since the beginning the user is protected. At the moment you create an account it is recommended to choose a strong password that you will remember. For full protection TheArbitrage doesn't have a "forgot password" option which doesn't allow any third party to access the account.
That is exactly the reason why the user is protected since the first step, at the moment you lose your password or cannot remember it you will have to get in touch with us using our contact forms, and one of our specialists after making sure that the person who contacted is the account holder, will provide a temporary password which you can use to log in and then change it afterwards.
There are two methods on securing your wallet in TheArbitrage. The first one is by whitelisting one up to three wallet addresses which you will frequently use to withdraw. At any time you are going to use a different wallet except from the whitelisted ones the withdrawal will be rejected for the users security. The second method is Two-Factor Authentication. Enabling the 2FA it means that every time you are going to request a withdrawal you will be contacted by one of our specialists to make sure that it is the account holder requesting this withdrawal.


Deposits on the platform must be made in Bitcoin, since this is the main cryptocurrency that TheArbitrage uses for arbitrage. If you already own Bitcoin, you can transfer the amount to your wallet created in TheArbitrage.
On the wallet section in the platform using your own personal wallet you can choose the preferred amount to withdraw and click on send.
Due to the blockchain technology withdrawals might take up to 30 minutes for the confirmations to be done, however if your coins are being arbitraged at the moment you make a withdrawal request, it might take up to 24 hours.