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Our vision is to make secure low cost investing a reality for millions of people around the world. TheArbitrage is founded on the simple defining principles of technical innovation, financial education and sustainable investing. Our honesty, transparency and commitment to customer service has built a base of loyal arbitrageurs who have stayed with TheArbitrage, and continue to grow with us as long term arbitrage partners.

Overview of our business

TheArbitrage has developed a highly sophisticated algorithm designed to arbitrage in a semi-automated way. Sturdy, reliable and secure, the system completely minimizes the risk, automatically buying low on one cryptocurrency market, for instant sale at the highest available price on another.

Our system is able to handle an incredibly high volume of arbitrage transactions simultaneously, rapidly and effectively exploiting price differences for optimal profits.

In addition, a dedicated team of crypto-market professionals is available around the clock to offer expert support, the moment you need it.

TheArbitrage's highly innovative technology strengthens your portfolio making the right move at precisely the right instant under the surveillance of our team.

Our next generation platform benefits from the innate transparency and security of blockchain, while offering never-before-seen levels of speed and reliability.

Hosted in a high speed data center, our system automatically evaluates, spreads and completes revenue generating transactions in real time, so you can benefit from developing crypto-market opportunities the second they arise.

Reasearching since 2015 in various scientific blockchain-related technology has enabled our team to come up with a new era of investing such as Crypto Arbitrage, which at first glance appears to be easy but there is a numberless variety of components that indicate the outcome of a Crypto Arbitrage transaction.

Being part of this technology, aiding on improving it and having a huge experience on the markets has made TheArbitrage 'bulletproof' when it comes to security and user's satisfaction.

Mathew Fields [founder] has been studying Bitcoin since 2012 thus sparking the thought of Arbitraging ever since but stopping at the lack of unreliability on Cryptocurrnecies. Due to evolution of cryptos the timing couldn't be better. Bitcoin is now an official currency in many countries around the world enabeling TheArbitrage to saftely venture into different crypto markets to maximize the profit and reduce the risk to zero.

TheArbitrage distribustes automized financal solutions. We believe in merging technology and financal expertise to develop self sustaining and reliable profit gainer applications. Our solutions are designed to run on their own and provide returns while you sleep. Money never sleeps that's true, but you should.


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Client success the core of our business.

If you have questions, need technical support, or assistance with your account management, you can contact TheArbitrage customer service at any time. Our support staff and account managers are ready to help and ensure that you get the very most out of your arbitraging experience.

Our team

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Founder / CEO

Matthew Fields

I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.

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Nicholas Hargrove

Precise and focused. The type of person that gives my all in everything I do.

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Gary Fitch

We have to stop optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users.

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Community Manager

Gracie Simmons

Working in a healthy enviroment is the key to success.